Let's Talk About Local Currencies and Barter Systems

Because one goal of the CCE is to create an Art and Culture Center on or near South Street Philadelphia, PA where community members and artists can trade services for use of space- i.e. if a person wants to practice violin, do homework, read, paint, etc., they will trade by cleaning up after an art opening, ushering at a performance, or shelving library books! So in order to learn more about barter systems, we called in expert Paul Glover to talk us about barter systems and local currencies.

Paul is adjunct faculty at Temple University, founder of the Philly Orchard Project, and editor of Green Jobs Philly. He is also the founder of the Ithaca HOURS local currency system, the Ithaca Health Fund (now incorporated into the Ithaca Health Alliance), Philahealthia Citizens' Health Co-ops, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, Ithaca Community News newsletter and Whole Ithaca Stock Exchange. He was also a 2004 Presidential candidate in several primaries of the Green Party as well as a candidate for mayor of Ithaca. He is the author of Hometown Money, Health Democracy and Los Angeles: A History of the Future as well as several urban histories. He holds degrees in marketing and in city management and is founder of GreenPlanners, a consultancy for community ecodevelopment. To learn more about Paul, visit his homepage here: www.paulglover.org

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