Art in the Park

Since Spring 2009, the CCE and Starr Garden partner to bring 4 to 8 week sessions of ART IN THE PARK on Saturday mornings from 11am-1pm (except for holiday weekends). ART IN THE PARK is a free arts and crafts table where people of all ages come together and create community through art! Guest artists pop in and add their creativity and inspiration to the table! We create art and community outside unless it’s raining or in winter. Starr Garden is located at 6th and Lombard Streets in Philadelphia.

To double check that we’re there call Starr Garden @ (215) 686-1782 or become our friend on Facebook for weekly updates! Past guest artists include: Aaron Oliver, Art “Artman” Wendler, Casey Conan, Christine Rad, Claire McBride, CZRVII, F. Roe, Mercedes Amarant, Nick Zimbro, Linda Reed and ZONK.

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