The Community Cultural Exchange (CCE)is a community-driven project to create an art and culture center on or near South Street, Philadelphia, PA. The website for this organization was created by students of the Art Institute of Philadelphia from professional practice class.

Professional Practice class helps the students to interact with real clients and by the end of the quarter a completed website has to be made for the clients. The students are divided into groups of four and in the first day they were asked to look for a non-profit organization who would be interested to create or rebuilt their website. After they find their client, they were asked to meet them and gather all the necessary information which was required to built their website.

This website for community cultural exchange was done by

Gregory Thompson (Senior Project Manager)

Paromita Poddar(Project Manager)

Marche Torrance(Instructional designer)

Andrew Roberto(Graphic designer)

Melvin Irons(Programmer)

This class is taught by Karen Girton Snyder. For more details about this class or the instructor please contact Karen at [email protected]

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