Yo-Fu with Gabrielle Plum Dragoness Burke-Casella

During Winter 2010, the CCE partnered with Gabrielle “Plum Dragoness” Burke-Casella for 6 weeks to bring her special Yo-Fu Yoga and Movement Class to the Starr Garden After School program. A native of West Philadelphia, Gabrielle is a multi-dimensional thespian, dancer and performance poet who has been involved with theatre since childhood. She earned her BA in Theatre from Temple University with an exploratory concentration in Afro-Modern Dance, World Music and Jazz Voice. It was during her college period that Gabrielle began to seriously study the martial arts, another aspect of what she discovered was a profound interest in the performing arts that involved cross-cultural expression and bridged the gaps between traditional theatre, sacred and secular dance and present day urban culture. Gabrielle has taught in various schools and after school programs in the Philadelphia area. Learn more about Gabrielle here: www.facebook.com/plumdragoness

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